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The meaning behind the Mercedes-Benz Logo

Some might ask why give a woman’s name to a car? Is it rational or funny? Or perhaps something else? However, the success of Mercedes-Benz cars proves there is something behind this move. Mercedes is the name of a daughter whose father not only was a businessman, a patron, and a vice-consul who was really interested in science. He was always looking to invest in new technologies. And when he purchased a futuristic, fully stuffed and upgraded car, he then ordered another four of them, which he sold and received a considerable profit. That decision has spurred a headlong rise. That’s why even kids know the Mercedes logo!

Flow of history

World War I changed the world. Many unions were broken, and new ones were forged. The same held true for the Mercedes company. It was united with Benz & Cie company, managed by Karl Benz. That resulted in the appearance of new cars and a new Mercedes-Benz logo. The first variation was comprised of name alone, and later on, a three-pointed star was added. Initially, it was of the firm and prestigious gold color. And only a unity of companies created the Mercedes-Benz logo that we know today.

The three-pointed star was circled by laurels, borrowed from Karl Benz company. And Benz adopted those due numerous victories and awards won by his cars. Logo simplification wasn’t something contemporary of course. And laurels turned into a simple circle. Regardless simplification though, the symbol can’t be called insignificant. It is one of the most popular symbols of wealth and quality nowadays.

Mercedes logo meaning

There is an alternative point of view regarding symbol formation. They say it’s not just an ordinary merge of two logos. Initially, the star was supposed to symbolize the power to rule three spheres. Three elements are water, earth, and waves. This could be a hidden meaning of the Mercedes logo. The company manufactures engines not only for cars but for planes and all kinds of navy transport too.

Nevertheless, such meaning isn’t trendy today. Contemporary interpretation is that the three points represent three qualities of manufactured cars. Those are reliability, high speed, and assemblage quality. It seems that this meaning is more appropriate these days.

Yet there is another legend of Mercedes logo creation. While designing the logo, the trio of creators was arguing about every single detail. And Mercedes, the girl after who the company was named, managed to reconcile them. They put their canes on the table as a gesture of goodwill, and then they couldn’t help but admire a nice logo they suddenly created.

Mercedes logo today

Many automobile makers prefer not to alter their logos as it is far more than a trivial picture. And Mercedes is no exception. Its logo hasn’t been changed since1996. Nevertheless, they invest vast sums in advertising and image. Sometimes such a strategy brings more profit than a rebranding!


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