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The return on investment of sound design

The return on investment of sound design

1. Greater audience attention Sound is 3 times more likely to trigger your audience's attention, create brand recognition, and reduce cognitive load. Sound can penetrate your customer’s subconscious even when they’re not really listening.

2. Stronger customer loyalty Sound triggers emotional responses far better than visuals. With sound, you can use emotion to tap into the trust and commitment of your target audience. You just need the right soundscape!

3. Brand recall You don’t just want your customers to know your company; you want them to remember it too. Science shows us that listening to sound or a piece of music can initiate the memory section of your customer’s brain, leading to better brand recall.

4. More purpose and value Audio is emotive, and it has a way of communicating complex ideas in a way that’s easier for people to understand. The right soundscape can express what you stand for as a company and help you deliver a clearer message about what you want to bring to your audience.

5. Enhanced personality Sound is anthropomorphic; it can humanize your presence and make it more appealing to your customers. Since people react faster to sound than any other media (~30ms faster), the right sonic strategy could help give greater depth and uniqueness to your brand or product personality.

6. Better engagement Studies show that emotional response to sound has a strong connection with the desire to engage in experiences. Good sonic brands stick in people's minds. Have you ever found yourself singing or humming along to a company’s sonic logo or jingle without realizing it?

Guest Podcast:  Lucas Lacerda, Product Sound Designer,

and Audio Branding Specialist

Creative Journey Ep.06 // The Creative Guide to Sound Design

Sound Designers have been quite successful in the Game and Film industries. However, there are opportunities to implement audio solutions in branding and product development as well. I present in this talk my creative guideline for sound designing, a better brand, and product experiences.

I show how you can adapt traditional design processes to create transformative soundscapes that will increase businesses' ROI and make the world a better sounding place.


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